How do I become a patient of Lake Cumberland Family Care?
All our prospective patients go through a screening process. You will be asked a series of questions about yourself and your health. This information is reviewed and you will be contacted as to whether you will be accepted as a patient.

Do you accept Walk-ins?
We do not have walk-in appointments. One of our main goals is to see you in a timely manner and to have plenty of time for each visit. That isn’t possible if patients walk in. However you can call and, if needed, be seen the same day.

If I call in sick, can I be seen the same day?
We try to see all our sick patients the day they call in. It is very rare that we don’t and it is usually extenuating circumstances. Please call in as early as possible on the day you are sick so that we can find and appointment that is best for you. Should a situation arise and you feel you cannot wait, go to the after hours/urgent care center of your choice or head to your nearest emergency room.

I feel that I am deathly ill. What should I do?
Your health is most precious and you know when something is not right with your body. Either call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. There are many situations when time is of the essence.

My appointment completely slipped my mind. How do I go about correcting this oversight?
Everyone makes mistakes. Just call us as soon as possible and let us know what happened so we can schedule you another appointment. To help eliminate this problem please make sure your phone numbers are current. We have an automated service that calls 48 hours prior to your appointment and will even leave a message if you have voice mail or an answering machine. Our office number will show on you caller ID so you will know the call is legitimate. Patients who frequently miss their appointments will be dismissed from our practice. This also holds true for excessive cancellations or last-minute reschedules. Always try to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

I am running late! What do I do?
First and foremost, as soon as you realize this, please call. That will give us the opportunity to work the schedule and keep the patient flow going. By not notifying us you run a risk of being marked as a “no show”.

Do Dr. White, Jody, and Melissa practice together or do they have separate practices?
Dr. White, Jody, and Melissa practice together. They work hard as a team to provide consistent care with medications, treatments, testing, and referrals so that the care you receive from one is similar to that of the other.

I have orders to get some blood work done before my next appointment. How far in advance should I get this done?
Usually 7 – 10 days is plenty of time.

I’ve lost my lab/radiology orders! What do I need to do?
Let us know and we will provide you with another copy. The same goes for referrals.

What do I do if I have a problem with my bill?
First, take a deep breath, don’t panic. Please call us.  We will make sure you get answers to your questions and concerns. We will work with you any way we can. Just ask!

What is the policy on refilling medication?
Ideally, you should call in a week before your prescription runs out to ensure no interruption in your medication dosage. Calling during the morning hours are best. This gives the nurses time and helps ensure your prescription is ready for you within 24 hours or less. Waiting until a Friday afternoon can result in a delay of the prescription being called in.

Do you prescribe pain medication, nerve pills or other narcotics?
We do not prescribe narcotics or nerve pills on a routine basis. Our policy is if you need something that strong for pain or your emotional state then you need to see a specialist in that area who can treat all aspects of the problem.

What extension do I choose if I have a health question, medication question, or a refill?
Any health-related question should be addressed by our nurses. The same goes with your medication (whether it be the cost, refills, or side effects). If you need an appointment or have any appointment-related questions always choose scheduling from the phone options. If you are unsure, just press O any time during the recording for the operator. We will get you to the correct person.

What if I can’t afford a prescribed medication?
Please call the office and talk with a nurse, who will discuss it with Dr. White, Jody, or Melissa. We will try to find a less expensive alternative.

What if I can’t tolerate a prescribed medication?
Please call the office and speak with one of our nurses and let them know what's going on so that we can find a more tolerable alternative.

I’ve heard Dr. White, Jody, or Melissa don’t do rounds at Lake Cumberland Regional  Hospital, and they rely on “hospitalists” to see their patients. What exactly are hospitalists?
A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients in a hospital setting. They are specialists in the complexities of hospital medicine. We work with these specialists to give you the best possible care. Upon your discharge, you will be instructed to follow up with us, usually within 1-2 weeks for continued care.